CiLOOK- Corporate Identity Wear

CiLOOK – Top Quality Corporate Clothing, Uniforms & Safety Clothing that suits corporate identity of companies, corporations and institutions.

We are a manufacturer of workwear
that meets standards of world banks, state institutions, hotels and SPA centres, public transport operators, international corporations and companies wishing to make visual statement about themselves.



Corporate Identity Look as visible elements of a brand conveying symbolic meaning

Corporate identity means visible elements that a brand or a company employs to present itself to customers.
One of the elements conveying this sensory experience is corporate clothing personalized in line with a combination of colours, logo designs and other corporate images.

Unlike corporate logo or business cards, corporate uniforms contribute to the entire business image. For better or worse, society tends to judge people by how they dress. Selecting an appropriate employee uniform can immediately establish a professional appearance. We are aware of this and we do perceive corporate clothing as a business image.

People are judged by how they dress

It takes only few seconds to form a first impression about a person. It is not enough to get to know a person but sufficiently enough to develop opinion or make snap judgements. It may be crucial in business relationships.

This is why selecting an appropriate uniform can establish a professional business image and elevate prestige. In response to this, we have created corporate clothing, uniform and safety clothing brand: CiLOOK- Corporate Identity Wear.


Fabric technologies

We do believe that fabric is essential. It all starts with fabrics. The CiLOOK brand was created following exactly the same philosophy. First, we got this top-quality fabric, then we arrived at an idea of manufacturing the most demanding clothing where appearance, structure, permeability, resistance to crease and dirt being the most important. A temperature control fabric such as Tencel, an easy-to-clean Shower Clean, a crease-resistant Nano protected fabric ideal for travelling, Bi-stretch fabric ensuring well-fitting and perfect style – these are only few examples of CiLOOK fabrics and technical solutions that maximize comfort of use.

Who are customers of CiLOOK?

State Institutions and Public Authorities
Banks and Financial Institutions
Hotels and Restaurants
SPA & Body Renewal Health Centres
Airlines, Sea Shipping Lines and Railway Lines
Municipal Transport Operators
Travel Agencies
Trade Fair & Exhibition Organizers, Mass Event Management Companies
Design Agencies and Studios providing comprehensive branding and corporate identity services

... as well as any companies interested in building their brand through corporate identity